Internationale Medienprojekte

What is it all about?

The world has become smaller as technology advancements have made enabled people to travel faster, further and connect instantaneously virtual through different multimedia. The global village remains unequal with an array of challenges and inequality to overcome.

The United Nations sustainable development goals provide an indepth look at many of these challenges, but the SDGs also give a blueprint on how we can begin to address these challenges in order for us to attain the future we envision for ourselves and for future generations.

Future Visions takes its point of departure from SDG 4: Quality Education


Fourteen young people seek to find answers to what is quality education in Germany and in South Africa. The group is made up of seven young people from South Africa and seven from Germany. The participants take a holistic view of the current state of education in both countries, but also envision what the future vision of quality education looks like to them. The participants go through this journey with the support from four facilitators (two from each country), who also serve as mentors during this intercultural exchange.

After successfully going through the application and selection process, the participants meet for a few virtual encounters. There are also two physical encounters that take place in each country. The journey begins with a series of workshops to learn more about each other’s country and sensitize each other on the dynamics of intercultural exchange. As the program progresses, external facilitators are also roped in to empower the youth with knowledge and skills in the different topics interview & sound, photography and creative writing. The participants visit different institutions and organizations to get a broader understanding of the opportunities available for people to pursue education in both Germany and in South Africa. The participants get an opportunity to interview people from different walks of life, from random strangers in the streets, to university students, educators and other professionals within the broader spectrum of the education sector. Using all the skills and resources that they have acquired during this program, the participants present their findings on what is Quality Education, using multimedia tools.

The Team










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The team within the team

All of this is made possible through the partners – LKJ BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG and E3:Educate Enlighten and Empower, with the support of  ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL GmbH with funds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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